Dietary Vitamin C provides significant protection against cataracts

Dietary Vitamin C provides significant protection against cataracts

Optometry magazine MiVision features research recently published online finds that dietary vitamin C provides significant protection against cataracts.

Cataracts develop due to genetic or environmental factors. There is little you can do about genetic factors, but environmental factors includes lifestyle and diet.

A 10 year study of white female twins in the UK from the TwinsUK cohort looked at dietary habits and it was found that those with higher vitamin C intake were associated with a 33% risk reduction of cataract progression and had clearer lenses after 10 years than those with lower vitamin C intake.

It seems that Vitamin C has a protective effect on cataract progression by increasing the vitamin C available in the eye fluid, which helps stop the lens from oxidising and protects it from becoming cloudy.

For those who want to read more see
“Genetic and Dietary Factors influencing the progression of Nulcear Cataracts ”
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