Tinted lenses and Reading – Colourimeter

Use of Colours in Vision: The Colourimeter

For over 35 years, our practice of experienced optometrists enjoys a reputation for excellence in the field of vision and learning. Our assessments aim to offer excellence in investigating all possible visual and perceptual issues that may negatively affect reading and learning.

The colourimeter is an instrument developed by psychologists at City University in London. This instrument allows the precise prescription of coloured or tinted lenses.


There is a group of people that experience ‘pattern glare’ and distortion from the printed page. This causes print to move and blur, and makes the print appear to have patterns or rivers. This difficulty is different from the other physical eye focus and eye alignment skills that can also cause these symptoms. Pattern glare is believed to have its origins in certain areas of the visual cortex or brain.

Certain groups of people seem to particularly benefit from this intervention and this group includes some dyslexics and people with photosensitive epilepsy and migraine.

A full eye examination is needed before prescribing precision tinted lenses.

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