Behavioural Optometry

See Well, Live Well

Our optometrists are trained in behavioural optometry and have successfully used behavioural optometry techniques to better the lives of a number of patients, including children and athletes.

Behavioural optometry involves a whole-body approach, looking beyond the eyes to address vision care.

Behavioural Optometry Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists

It can prevent the development of vision problems, provide treatment for certain conditions and can strengthen visual skills needed in the classroom, workplace or sports field. We use behavioural optometry to address:

  • Children’s vision
  • Sports vision
  • Reading and learning, including the use of tinted lenses for reading difficulties
  • Workplace and computer comfort
  • Certain diseases, conditions and injuries

To find out more about behavioural optometry and how we can help you, get in touch today.

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